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Working as a Personal Assistant to Football Pro Garret has Paige trying out all lot more than she ever imagined, like Alaric to start with.

Book 4

An Wish From The Author

For this holiday season, I wish for all good health, enough of everything, and time with those you love. From my home to yours, happy holidays! 

Sara R Stewart
Author, Business Woman, Mother, Partner, Queer and Grateful for it all

What Readers Are Saying

Thank you so much for your reviews!

Where Love Finds You is an interesting debut novel by Sara R Stewart, and book 1 in the Portland Lovers series. The characters are believable and the chemistry off the charts. The story touches on sensitive issues for the main character Sailor who is doing her best to fight and recover from a traumatic past. When she meets the dynamic and impossibly sexy Tahoe, she finds him tantalizing and irresistible as he offers her a way to regain her control, something she lost a long time ago, if only she stops running from him.

Author J. M. Davies

Review of Book 1

I would be lying if I said this book [Falling Beyond Dreams] did not get me turned on. Some of the scene descriptions are mysteriously awakening. The introduction Cassie receives from Zane into the world of BDSM is enlightening. All of this done in a monogamous relationship.

Barb C

Review on Book 2

Absolutely loved it [Bound by Pride]!!! I can’t wait to go back and read the first 2 and for the 4th to come out. I love books set in the Portland area. You get the wrong impression of John in the beginning, and you don’t think Delia will ever try again. Glad I kept reading and watched their relationship develop. I loved all the characters and look forward to reading me. Highly recommend for sweet love and hot sex!

J. N. Neilson

Review on Book 3

This is the first of Sara’s books that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the characters (although I didn’t like Alaric that much…LOL), the storyline and the spicy smut. Garrett appears grumpy and unsocial but there is a reason for that but Paige isn’t discouraged by his grump and they end up complimenting each other. This is a really great book and well worth the read.


Review on Book 4

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