Falling Forward

Hey friends, I wrote yesterday and today on my newest novel, Falling Forward. The story is really taking off and I cannot wait to share it with the world. The second book in my Series is once again set in beautiful Portland, Oregon and my main character is on her second date with Zane. Zane is a sexy as hell bad boy who wants nothing more than to tie her to his St. Anthony’s cross, but he also has a romantic side and will do what it takes to win over Cassie and get her in his bed. Here is an excerpt from their date:

“I gasp when I see the view. From any place in the room you can see the entire Columbia River Gorge on both the Oregon and Washington side. The view of the river winds all the way to the horizon. You can even see the West Hills of downtown Portland way off in the distance. The sun is still up but you can tell the view when it sets will be amazing and I hope we’ll still be here to see it.”

Thanks for checking in.

With all my love, Sara

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By Sara R Stewart

Author, Business Woman, Mother, Superhero, Queer and grateful for it all. she/her

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