I never thought I’d write a sermon…

Falling Forward

I have been writing up a storm since the world went crazy and we all went into quarantine. Call it my uncanny ability to avoid reality I’ve fully submerged myself into the word of Zane and Cassie. Nearly at 50K words and there is still so much of their story I have yet to write. I love these characters and I know you will too.

Zane takes Cassie to San Francisco for a weekend and shows her the city where he grew up. The have fun together but something heavy is brewing in Cassie’s heart. On Sunday morning, Zane takes Cassie to visit his parents’ church and I was compelled from some where inside me to bring you in the church, let you look around and experience a sermon on Community and being of service. It is here Cassie is finally able to put a name to her unease.

But let me tell you that in order to make this happen I needed to write the sermon. I am not religious, or even Christian but found inspiration to write about how important community and being of service is. I will forever know that it is current events and a global pandemic that inspired me to write it. I do wonder however if I did justice to the man I have in mind from when I visited this very real church in my youth.

I find it fascinating how much of my actual life and experience influence my stories. As a new writer of course I knew that good writing often comes from experiences lived, however never did I realize that in each story and character I would be documenting different memories and experiences from my life but with fresh eyes and a completely different perspective.

I hope at the end of the day you will like what I’ve created as much as I have enjoyed the process of crafting the stories I love so much.

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