Trying times for everyone!

Times to learn and change!

This month the entire country seems to be in a state of upheaval. The news of two unnecessary deaths of black men leaking into the global consciousness of everyone and mask wearing protesters are reaching across the country from one coast to the other. It certainly has worked its way into my conscious and writing. I even found myself writing about white privilege in my newest erotica romance novel. What is romance after all, if it isn’t a reflection of what is going on in our world and tales of how people are surviving and growing through trying times. 

In book three of my Portland Lover series, Bound by Pride I wrote the following conversations between Zane (book 2’s male protagonist) and John (book 1’s male protagonist), I hope  you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

   “How is working for Delia this week?” Zane wags his eyebrows in jest. 
   “Fine, she is a great boss. On Friday I let the cat out of the bag though and also promoted her.”
   “Wow, was she surprised?” 
   “You said it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes that wide. She deserved it man, she has the best sales mind in the company and they keep looking past her for promotion because she is a woman.”
   “That sucks, lucky for her you just bought the company then.”
   “I’d say lucky for the company. It got me thinking differently though and I realized there are no women or people of color in leadership positions. I never really paid attention to that stuff before but I think this company is in need of being diversified.” 
   “That’s because you’ve never had to think of it before,” says Zane.
   “What do you mean?”
   “You are a white man with a ton of money, even if you didn’t always have it you always had the privilege of being a white man in a society centered around you.”
   “You’re right. I feel like an idiot for never really thinking of that or seeing that before.”
   “Don’t feel like an idiot, do something about it.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “The only way things are ever going to change is if white people, specifically white men in positions of power start making different choices. Hire based upon merit and ensure equal opportunities are given to all candidates. Require your employees and companies to diversify their hiring practices, if you don’t make the changes a requirement it will not happen.”
   “I am going to figure it out man, thank you for your honest talk. I appreciate it.”
   “Whatever, man. You opened the door, I just walked through.”

I’m excited to share more with you about book 3 soon, Cordelia and John are two strong and willful people who find respect before love and that makes all the difference for these two emotionally jaded but fierce loyal people.

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