About Sara

I write stories about finding that person who doesn't just fulfill you sexually but becomes your partner in life...

My Story

I grew up on a houseboat in Sausalito, CA as an anchor out and then moved to a small town in northern California for high school.  Graduating from Mills College in 1999, with a degree in English Literature I had planned to take a year off and then go back for the MFA program to become an author and publish my first novel. Fresh out of college I started a job in San Francisco in the Business Travel Industry and there I discovered my other great love (traveling) and that year ended up becoming 20 before I finally published my first novel!

My greatest passion has always been reading and writing stories. I love how romance novels inspire emotions and dreams in even the hardest times of our lives. Romance and love is the beginning to every family story every lived.

Personal Life

Today I live in East Berkshire, Vermont with my partner and two incredible daughters. Our daughters are both creative in very different ways and we are so blessed to get to watch them develop into the amazing women we know they will be. 

Before moving to the East Coast we lived in Portland, Oregon. And, for all you New Englanders I adore, Oregon is pronounced with only two syllables. 

Once upon a time I ran, loved rock climbing and more than anything loved to dance. Not that I ever did anything more fancy than go club dancing, I just love that form of expressing one’s joy and appreciation for music.

"Dreams do come true, you're reading mine."

Sara R Stewart
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