Where Love Finds You 

In this erotic love story, Sailor explores how falling in love not only changes her path but helps her to grow into new and better versions of herself. See what happens when Tahoe just cannot seem to give up.

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Falling Beyond Dreams

Cassandra is a librarian and book nerd. She loves to run and rock climb but has little time in her life for anything more. See what happens when a chance encounter drives her to take a step outside of her comfort right into Zane’s arms.

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Bound by Pride

Cordelia is a realist. After a bitter divorce, she has worked her way up the corporate ladder and she doesn’t have time for distractions. When her company is purchased by a mega hot billionaire who takes an interest in her she must learn to balance professionalism and her growing attraction.

Now Available Everywhere

Warning: BDSM & hot sex inside

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