My Divided Heart eBook

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Working as a Personal Assistant to Football Pro Garrett has Paige trying out all lot more than she ever imagined, like Alaric to start with.

Working as a personal assistant to a professional football player seems like a good short-term plan for Paige while she figures out what to do with her shiny new college degree. If only he wasn’t so cranky about it. Or so hot.

Garrett missed one change in practice times, and management saddled him with this woman. Bossy, sharp-tongued, and sexy as sin, she turns his previously uncomplicated life upside down.

She’s the kind of complication Alaric can’t resist. Born into the British aristocracy, he hasn’t worked for anything, or anyone, until Paige.

One stormy encounter on a Seattle dance floor leads to more than these three expected. Will the situation between them heat up, or explode?

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